The MTC Banquet

So tonight was a really fun night. Not as fun as the junior skits or senior lock in but was a fun night nonetheless. It was the annual banquet for all of the MTC members where we reminisce about all the good and bad times of the following year. This years was a really fun theme: Star Wars. While thinking about it, it was the perfect theme because today is May 4th and is considered Star Wars Day because of the saying “May the Fourth be with you instead of “May the Force be with you”. It started out with a really delicous catered dinner from an italian restaurant but then went into the theater where the “Dramie” awards were given out. I apparently have really white teeth because I was given the Pearly White awards which was one of those headband lights(they buy random, cheap stuff for the awards). They then showed a video reminiscing about all the good and funny times during the Fall Musical, One Acts, ITS Trip, and the Spring Plays. There were a lot of laughs and tears of joy during that showing. At the end of the banquet, the sponsors announced next year’s MTC officers and the plays they will be producing. The musical being the prequel to Peter Pan and the play being some popular boadway play, I don’t know they all seem to blend together. When everything was said and done and after a several hundred photos, my friends and I went to IHOP where we had an incredible dinner. As of tonight I am officially done with MTC which brings a feeling of relief and sadness. It is true that I no longer have to suffer through with being at the school until 10:30 P.M on a school night, but I also wont suffer through it with my closest friends, which made it bearable. All in all, it was great night and an incredible send for me and my fellow seinors. It was a day that I have been looking forward to for a long time and it ended in no more than three hours.

Senior Night Part 2

I bet you were thinking that I was done talking about the senior night last night but you were wrong. What followed after the junior skits and senior speeches was even a better time. It was the Senior Lock-in were we spend the night in the theater with no curfew. It was a lot fun. We started out with Uno: Attack that is played the origianal Uno game but in the sence where we use a machine that spits out cards rathe drawing one card from the deck ourselves. Sometimes I got lucky with getting no cards when I hit the button but most of the time I ended up with getting biggest amount of cards spat at me than any other players. The night then progressed to be giving a tour of the catwalk above the theater to people who haven’t been up there yet which was pretty intresting. It was interesting because many of the people that went up with me were afraid of heights and seeing them act up there was both worrisome and funny at the same time. We were then able to hook a Nintendo Switch to the projecter and played Super Smash Bros on a big screen which absolutely gorgeous. Of course I lost everytime but was still incredibly fun. One of the last things we did before I passed out was playing Texas Hold’em with a poker kit from the 1930’s. Don’t worry, we didn’t gamble actual money but were just playing around with poker chips. It was good thing that real money wasn’t involved other wise I would have lost ALOT of money.

Senior Night Part 1

Last night was by far one the most fun night I have had in a while. It was the night where all the seniors of the Marquette Theator Company would be roasted in a skit that was written by the juniors. The juniors would also portray the seniors that they roast and in a word, I would describe it as hilarious. At least it was for me because I have been lucky enough to have developed a thick skin and took all of my roasts as compliment. Of course I was portrayed by my one of my best friends so it was much easier for me to see the humor in it. To my great pleasure, I appeared in the skit many times, I actually I was the most portrayed person there and while others would get offended by it I saw it how I made an impression during my time in that club. And after watching those twenty minutes of hilarity, I can definitely say that I made an impression. After the skits all of the seniors went up to the stage and said a speech of fairwell of sorts. There were some that were very moving for both the speakers and the audience, some were hilarious, and there were those few that really moved your heart. And according to a few people I talked to after my speech, mine was one of those speeches. I talked how MTC became a certain save haven from me after I was rejected from JV soccer and where I was able to find the greatest friends I ever could have asked for. I was able to find myself in that group and the memories that I have made there would be ones that I will always remember. It was an incredible night.

Game of Thrones, Season eight, Episode 3

Oh my God. I am just….wow. It happened. It finally happened. The battle that the entire show was leading up to for eight seasons, nearly ten years. This episode had the most action pact in and hour and a half period than any other cinematic production I have ever seen. I mean the digital effects alone seemed so real. So it started with the Red Woman riding to the army out of nowhere and made all of the Dothraki and made all of their blades catch fire. I expect that she did this in order to help them combat the Army of the Dead, but it didn’t really help them since when they charged into battle, they were immediately defeated easily. The white walkers then charged Winterfell where the living army and the dragons of Jon and Dany. I’m still not over how Jon only rode a dragon once and then he was able to ride into battle on a dragon. I mean is it that easy to ride a dragon? Apparently it is because Jon and Dany was able to stay on their dragons when they’re in aerial combat with the Night King and his undead dragon. While watching this episode I was gripping an empty soda can so hard the aluminum cut my hand. The total death count of characters that we care about was two: Jorah Mormont and Beric Dondarrion. Both in very heroic ways. Jorah went down by guarding his Queen from the dead men who would have certainly died if it wasn’t for him. Beric died in a similar manner in which he blocked the doorway, letting the dead men hack and stab at him in order to allow Arya get away, a girl he had once kidnapped, thereby redeeming himself. And it is a good thing that he saved Arya’s life because it was her who killed the Night King! I mean I always thought that it would be a battle between him and Jon, but the directors surprised us yet again by having Arya dive through the air and stab the Night King with her Valyrian Steel dagger. My favorite part is that there is still three episodes left, a lot more GoT episodes to get excited over and I can’t wait! It’s funny because Sunday used to be my least favorite day but with GoT coming out on Sundays, it is becoming the day that I am more looking forward to the most.  

The Pale Girl

    It was the summer break of my senior year of high school. Me and of my two best friends were on a road trip to Wisconsin for a hiking when our car broke down somewhere in Illinois.

    “John, I told you that you should have stopped for gas at that 7-Eleven an hour ago,” Mark said in his arrogant tone.

    “Hey, it’s not my fault that you told me about the station at the last second. We would have gotten into a wreck if I turned when you said,” I said defending myself.

    Lily stepped in, “Guys can we please stop bickering. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, we’re still stranded regardless.”

    I was looking under the hood to try to see what the problem was because I had a feeling that it wasn’t as simple as an empty tank. Before we broke down, I could have sworn that the gas gauge was at half. The tinkering with the engine was getting harder when the sun started to set. The temperature was getting colder by the minute, a lot quicker than I thought possible and soon enough I could see my own breath.

“John, we might as well settle in for the night. It’s getting freezing,” Frank said.

I agreed and we all got out the blankets we packed for the camping trip and went in the car. Frank claimed the trunk and Lily got back seat, leaving me with the driver seat. I recline the seat as far as it went and soon enough began to drift into sleep for what seemed like a few minutes when a blinding white light flashed, jolting me awake. My watch red 3:00 A.M and I could see that there was actual frost on the windshield, evidence of a few hours of sleep.

That had to be headlights, right? Why would they just drive by, I mean it should be evident that we’re in a little bit of trouble. Then the same light flashed again, blinding me temporarily. That definitely wasn’t a car, what the hell was that? As I thought that, I saw a smaller form of the light just down the road behind us. Being the idiot I was I got out of the car to follow it. As I got closer to it, it seemed to take the form a woman, no not a woman, more like a girl. From my view, it looked like she was wearing a white hospital gown, definitely not enough for the cold weather.

“Hey! Are you ok?” I called out and she turned towards me. When I looked into those cold, dark eyes a giant chill went through my spine. She had long, dark hair that went down to her shoulders. Her skin was as white as her gown, making it hard to tell her skin and clothing started and ended. She then pointed to my feet, where an engine object was located. An engine part. Losing this must have made the car to break down. After I picked up the part I noticed that the white glow faded. She was gone. After several minutes of pure shock, I ran back to the car. Opening the trunk and reattaching to the part to the engine. I went back into the car and the engine started without an effort and with it the car heater. On the surface I was getting warmer but that chill in my spine was still there. It will always be there.

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame. Good God that was such an incredible movie. It had everything that everyone wants in a movie. Incredible action that could only be previled by the previous Avengers film, Infinity War, and actually was started right after the Thanos’s Snap of Death. We see a very weak Tony and Nebula trying to pass the time of being in a stranded ship in the middle of space. They were luckily saved by the newest addition to the Avengers, Captain Marvel, and were moved to earth. Tony was received by the surviving Avenger and his wife, Peper, who gave him a very intimate welcoming. Nebula was also given a nice welcome by Rocket who unfortunately was the only surveying member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, by holding her hand. A poetic situation as they were once both enemies that hated each other and now were allies if not friends. They soon tracked Thanos to a deserted planet and ambushed him in his makeshift home to try to find the Infinity Stones and reverse the Snap of Death. They find him extremely weakened as he explained that destroyed the stones to for the very reason of making it impossible for them to reverse his act. Out of rage, Thor beheaded him, taking Thanos’s earlier advice of “Going for the head”. Five years then passed opening with Steve Rogers leading a group of people who have lost people by the snap. We then see Scott Lang get shot out of the quantum gate he was stuck in since the ending of his movie, Antman and the Wasp, who later met up with her much older daughter. He then went to the Avengers with idea of using the Gate as time machine to reverse the snap. I won’t say anything else because the ending is too good to spoil. But it is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen at the theater.

Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 2

The second episode of the eighth season was by far the best one they have made yet. They have just found out that the Army of the Dead were close and that the living had only until the dawn of the next day until they arrive. This was an episode of reconciliation for many of the characters have meet in the many years of this series. The first to meet were Tyrion and Jaime who were had a few laughs that to what their father might have done if he knew that they’re about to die for the Starks, who were great enemies. Then came the meeting between Jon, Sam, and Ed who were all brothers of the Night’s Watch and the only members of their group that were still alive. The next characters who met were Gendry and Arya who haven’t seen each other since season 3. Arya acted on her attraction towards Gendry and they did some stuff(being Game of Thrones, you should know what that mean). Then came for what I believe was the best scene of Game of Thrones was the gathering of Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, Podrick, Davos, and Tormund. All of these characters had different paths in the show and seeing them all talk with each other was an awesome thing to see. Jaime granted Brienne’s biggest wish and actually knighted her and which led Brienne to do something we don’t see much with her…. she smiled. The episode ended with hearing the hornes of war, the fight that everything was leading up to.